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The HOPE CENTER is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that offers a variety of services for those in the Warren County area who need support groups for grief, addiction, family and individual counseling, parenting classes, crisis pregnancy and intervention, anger management and resolution, Living Free classes, job interview skills, resume building, GED preparation, college preparation assistance (applications for admissions and financial aid) and literacy assistance. CONTACT US for more information or check out our SERVICES page for what is currently being offered. 




Lorie Gretzinger, Director/Certified Substance Abuse Counselor

Jamie Snider, Assistant Director in Training, Sober Living Liaison

Jessica Tucker, Secretary, Department of Children's Services

Donna Vize, Vice Chair, Cheer Behavioral Center

Kim Flanagan, Treasurer, McMinnville Electric Company

Michael Lorance, Member, Cherry Spring Nursery

Bob Kellar, Member, Class Facilitator

Kristi Paling, Member, Regional Coordinator TN Commission on Children & Youth


The HOPE CENTER is a place that provides hope for those who seek to live a better, more productive life through recovery and the improvement of life skills. We offer a place where people get a hand up, not a hand out.  It’s all about giving HOPE to those in our community while making Warren County a better place for everyone. 


The HOPE CENTER is 100% staffed with volunteers and we always need help! Think about what you could bring to help us help others! Can you teach others computer skills, resume building or design, or how to read? Can you spare a few hours a week answering the phone at our center or manning our booth at street fairs? Do you have great ideas or connections that could lead to a great fundraiser or a food and clothing drive? Are you great at managing social media and creating compelling messages? There are so many ways to help your community be a better place for all. Every person has something to offer. As Ghandi said, "Be the change YOU want to see!"



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